Custo Support & FAQ


    • App Setup
      • After downloading the app, complete setup in 2 simple steps.
        • Step 1: Select “Copy Script” under the App Setup menu and the app code will automatically add to your theme files.
        • Step 2: Copy the app snippet {%- render 'gloss-cart-client' -%} under Step 2 to the icon-cart.liquid snippet file of your theme. You can find this by selecting Online Store > Themes > Edit Code.
      • Uninstalling Custo
        • Step 1: Navigate to the App Setup menu and select “Remove Script.” The script will automatically be removed from your online store. 
        • Step 2: Delete the app snippet {%- render 'gloss-cart-client' -%} in your icon-cart.liquid snippet file.
  • Note: Cart drawer must be disabled for Custo to work. You can disable the cart drawer within your Shopify theme settings.
  • Inventory
    • Inventory is based on your Shopify catalog and will update in real-time.


  • Subscription
    • Try out the Custo app FREE with a 3-day trial period. After the trial period, you will be charged every 30 days based on your store’s total monthly orders.
    • If you qualify for the next tier in the subscription plan, we will automatically upgrade your plan, so you don’t have to.
    • Subscription Tiers:
      • $49.99/month up to 500 orders
      • $74.99/month up to 2000 orders
      • $99.99/month for unlimited orders
    • All features are included in each plan.


  • Free Shipping and Tiered Discounts
    • To activate free shipping, enter the dollar amount at which free shipping occurs into the designated field along with 2 thresholds for tiered discounts.
    • The free shipping rate must be added within your shipping and delivery rates section of Shopify first. Custo displays the free shipping promotional message in the cart but does not automatically create the free shipping rate.
    • Note: Tier 2 must be a higher dollar amount than Tier 1. All fields are required.
  • Free Samples
    • To activate free samples, select “Create Free Sample” within the app. Select all samples that you would like to offer customers in the cart.
    • To remove free samples, select which free sample you would like to remove and click “Delete.” The selected samples will immediately be removed from your online store.
    • Note: Customers are automatically limited to 1 quantity per sample.
  • Bundle Items
    • To activate bundles, select “Add Products” under the Bundle Items menu. Bundles will be automatically published to your online store.
    • To remove bundles, select which bundle you would like to remove and click “Delete.” The selected bundle will immediately be removed from your online store.


  • Custo offers the ability to customize the look and feel of your site with the following options:
    • Font Size (Input Using Pixels, Points or EM)
    • Font Color (Input Using Color Name, Hex# or Pantone #)
    • Font Family (Input as Font Name)
      • If you do not add a specific font, Custo will automatically pull the font set within your theme.
      • Button Color (Input as Hex or Pantone Number)
  • Once you have updated all customizable fields, select “Save Changes” for your updates to take place.

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