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iBeAuthentic’s new iBeLink reinvents inside sales

  As a brand or distributor, chances are that you want your salespeople focused on sales. The challenge is, they have dozens of other responsibilities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Those might include prospecting new markets, blitzing promotions, promoting new products, covering vacant territories, solving customer issues and more. But, how does one salesperson do it all for their accounts? CAN they get everything done? Perhaps. But, ask yourself, “Is that the best use of your resources? Am I getting the best ROI and maximizing sales growth?” If the answer is yes, then you’ve found the golden ticket. If no, and you need a plan to increase sales potential, you’re not alone.  Enter iBeLink, which is iBeAuthentic’s reinvention...

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How and why to conduct a digital audit

Turn on any HGTV show and find scrupulous home buyers agonizing over their wants, needs and deal breakers, all set to dramatic music and scripted storylines. We can’t guarantee that a brand audit is as thrilling as finding a home or an episode of House Hunters, for that matter, but the process requires getting comfortable with your likes and dislikes first—just as home buying does. Since the process is extensive, involving a deep dive into your internal processes and external customer surveys, we’re here to help with our recommendations on how to begin your brand audit. What is a Brand Audit? A brand audit happens when a company examines its identity, how it portrays itself and how it’s perceived in...

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8 reasons why online education makes sense

  Online education is the way of the future—and with the COVID-19 pandemic, the future is NOW. If salon owners, multi-unit salon and spa companies, distributors and brands knew how straightforward, cost-effective and time-efficient it is to get an online education program up and running, they’d be ready to go right away. In fact, in some cases, it’s truly as easy as pressing “record.” At iBeAuthentic, we get customers up and running with online education quickly—from single classes to programs to a full curriculum. We start with recommendations on video equipment, production and learning management software, then continue advising you on format, timing and frequency. That way, you can keep DSCs, salon owners and managers, stylists, nail technicians, estheticians and...

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