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Should every company be on Amazon?

The short answer—it depends! Selling hair care brands on Amazon takes some work. However, those who are prepared to manage this channel will be able to take more full control of their brand, reaping benefits like increased exposure, brand trust, and revenue-generating opportunities.   Should We Open an Amazon Store? To take full advantage of these rewards, treat your hair care brand on Amazon just like you’d treat your website or your relationship with a distributor. Here’s a checklist to consider before opening an Amazon store: Amazon is ideal for brands who: Sell direct to retail Exist on Amazon through non-authorized sellers Can manage the required margin Want exposure to a large audience Amazon is not recommended if: You have exceptional...

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How To Become A Branded Artist

Education in the hair industry is more crucial now than it ever has been before. With the beauty industry constantly changing and new brands and products being launched every month, the need for stylists to stay relevant is crucial. In addition, new innovative hair techniques can set you apart from all the other hairstylists in your area and give you that competitive edge to bring in new clientele.  As a hairstylist, you know how vital continuing education is and that you need to be on top of your game. It is up to you to attain education and stay on top of these new and ever-changing trends. Have you ever attended a hair show, an in-person class, or watched an...

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iBeAuthentic’s new iBeLink reinvents inside sales

  As a brand or distributor, chances are that you want your salespeople focused on sales. The challenge is, they have dozens of other responsibilities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Those might include prospecting new markets, blitzing promotions, promoting new products, covering vacant territories, solving customer issues and more. But, how does one salesperson do it all for their accounts? CAN they get everything done? Perhaps. But, ask yourself, “Is that the best use of your resources? Am I getting the best ROI and maximizing sales growth?” If the answer is yes, then you’ve found the golden ticket. If no, and you need a plan to increase sales potential, you’re not alone.  Enter iBeLink, which is iBeAuthentic’s reinvention...

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