All of your information is stored in one place.

Automated communication with personalized emails is implemented throughout the entire education process, ensuring that no details slip through the cracks.

  • Salons: visibility is determined by your sales structure (user’s view of salons is limited based on assigned territories).
  • Courses: availability is limited to location types and predetermined qualifications.
  • Educators: pre-assigned to course formats they are eligible to teach with languages they speak.
  • Evaluations: custom Evaluation forms are created to our client’s specifications to generate when an event is completed. These serve as an added touchpoint for salons to review course formats, educators and sales opportunities.

Creating an education request is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Select Salon
Step 2: Select Course
Step 3: Select Educator

Added EMS Options

  • Data Integration: Allows you to use the EMS at its fullest potential. Automated upload of salons, territory adjustments, and purchase history ensure information consistency.
  • Expenses: Streamline processing, approving, and tracking expenses by allowing educators to submit and upload receipts. Emails are sent automatically to the approver with necessary documents attached.
  • Multilingual: The EMS can be translated and adapted to handle global business growth. Each country is managed separately under one site.

It’s been very helpful in making our working lives less hectic!

"My first time working with iBeAuthentic was when I started with Keune Haircosmetics! It was my manager that worked with them to create the system we have today and it’s been very helpful in making our working lives less hectic! We have a lot of programs that are scheduled out in the field and several educators that we have on file. The system that has been created for us helps keep everything organized and running smoothly for our education department. Helping us to work more efficiently, effectively, and with accuracy.
When we have new ideas on how to improve our system, iBeAuthentic works well with us to implement these new ideas in our program. Our needs are ever evolving and iBeAuthentic has been able to step in and assist us with these needs."

It keeps everything in one place.

"EMS is a great tool for our team because it keeps everything in one place without having a bunch of email threads. I love that I can add, remove, and adjust courses as needed to stay up-to-date with any brand changes. Because EMS has the opportunity to add notes and details, it allows educators to book classes independently and confidently. The Dashboard is so helpful in keeping us on track with outstanding requests to follow up on as well as reminders for submitting expenses."
-Premier Beauty Supply

Are you interested in a personal resource for your customers?

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