I found iBeAuthentic after struggling to find community in past jobs and felt like a valued part of the team faster than I thought was possible. The people at iBe are creative, collaborative, and dedicated to creating an inclusive environment! Every day is a new learning experience, and I love coming into the office to get inspired and bounce ideas with my coworkers. I'm excited to grow my career at iBeAuthentic!

~Erin H.

I've never had so much opportunity! Being so young yet being given the chance to learn so many new things is something I feel lucky to have found with iBeAuthentic. I've worked other creative jobs before and thought I was growing. Little did I know what growing was actually like. After only one year I think my experience in design, teamwork, and marketing has tripled.

~Elly B.

"I'm thrilled to be part of a company that champions innovation and genuinely cares about its associates. The culture at iBe is amazing and the opportunities are endless. The people I work with are supportive, collaborative, and inspiring. iBeAuthentic is more than just a job, it's where innovation meets an incredible team, making it an exceptional place to work!"

~Whitney G.

"iBe has given me the opportunity to explore skill sets I didn't even know I had! I appreciate the welcoming and fun spirit of the team and the opportunity to be my authentic self."

~Quincy P.

"It's not work, if you love what you do. iBe provides this environment."

~Brian N.

"I grew up thinking I would need to be in a large city away from home in order to have the opportunities and the career that I dreamt of. iBe has provided everything I wanted, and I can be close to my family. I get the best of both worlds—small town living with big city opportunities. Plus, I feel really good about what we do—for our team members, for our community, for our clients and for the industry. On top of that, we are making an impact on the beauty industry through and authentic and disruptive marketing. I never knew I could love my place of work as much as I do!"

~Jori L.

"Working at iBeAuthentic is a rewarding experience. The positive and fun work environment here has fueled my professional growth, allowing me to expand my skills. What sets iBe apart is not just the commitment to excellence but the genuine care for each employee's well-being."

~Sally V.

"I was shocked to find such an innovative and fun company to work for in the UP! iBeAuthentic has provided me with more opportunities than I could ever imagine."

~Kaitlin L.

"I feel beyond grateful to find a company which has a postive, fun environment while still being professional. It is refreshing to find such an inspiring company and I am so glad to be apart of iBe."

~Melissa C.

"My hometown was the last place I expected to find my career calling, but I would be lost if I this opportunity at Ibeauthentic didn't come when it did."

~Kayla C.

"iBe took me in with open arms, ready to work with me despite the lack of experience. Two years later, and I am filled with more knowledge than ever. I am very grateful for my time here."

~Autumn C.

"It's refreshing to work for a company that is innovative in all facets of what they do, ie technology, marketing, sales, product developement. the iBe team is there to encourage, support, and listen along the journey."

~Jolene M.

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