Do you have a passion and drive for the beauty industry?

Are you motivated to make a difference as a marketer?

Would you like to LOVE your job?

We have an energetic and fulfilling work environment with creative, forward-thinking people. Our company is unlike any other, especially for our small northern town with opportunities at rewarding careers in marketing, sales, design, content creation, and information technology. Our teams are growing and we’re constantly expanding to fit the driving need for our services in the professional beauty industry.

The founders have created a sense of community within the workplace. They also have provided great knowledge and all the tools I need to continue to be successful.

- Brian N.

While working at iBeAuthentic, I am thankful for the stability and structure they have established, along with the flexibility to focus on myself and my family. I am grateful for those who I work for and the people I have met throughout my time at iBe.

- Chelsey M.

I never knew I could love my place of work as much as I do at iBe! We are making an impact on the beauty industry every day through new innovations and authenticity.

- Jori L.