One cart app to replace them all.

Custo is an easy-to-use upsell app to seamlessly include items in your customers cart without compromising your site's speed. Set certain tiers that a customer must meet in order to qualify for free gifts or offer bundles and sampling.

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The possibilities are endless
with Custo.

Run multiple campaigns
at one time. 

Increase sales by running multiple
promotions in the cart at once. Set it and
forget it. 

Upsell and cross sell
without the guesswork.

Use targeted offers in the cart for
upselling and cross selling to increase
your average order value.

Customize any design for
better brand expression.

Easy to install app with no developer
needed. Change the look and feel of the
cart and progress bar to fit your store.

Super Simple
One-Click Installation 

Custo Cart is easy to install with no developer
needed and minimal work on your end. Simply
download the app and select "Install" to begin
upselling to your customers. 

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Support with up to 500 monthly orders.
+25 for 500-1999 orders
+50 for unlimited orders

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  • Slide cart with your stores branding
  • Ability to add Free Shipping and Tiered Discounts
  • Offer free Bundles in the cart
  • Reward customers with Free Samples
  • Automatic discounts on ordes
  • Progress bar directly in the cart
  • Seamless integration with your online store
  • Customize the look and feel of the cart

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