Our Story

Our company started out with a few friends and an idea on a napkin. In 2011 we had only six employees and our five founding partner. With more than 75 years of combined professional beauty industry experience, in a small office, the business quickly expanded. Over the years we have grown tremendously in both client, and associate base. We pride ourselves on our ability to remain agile in how we allocate talent to meet the ever changing needs of customers.

In 2013 we moved into a renovated auto repair shop where we take advantage of the nearby waterfront, historic downtown, and local shops and restaurants. In 2015 our team expanded even more, driving an expansion into a second building (right across the street) which is a renovated theater. Our buildings are designed to attract talented and enthusiastic individuals – we have open workspaces, a recreation room and a photo/video studio.

Authentic, Collaborative, Honest

iBeAuthentic is a digital communications company that increases the business of beauty distributors and brands through meaningful, personalized digital marketing.

"We make our customers feel inspired about the possibilities of their business.”

Chuck Salewsky

Operating Manager

With more than 25 years of experience in the professional beauty industry, Salewsky has consulted with almost every major brand on packaging, product introductions, channel partner selections, and acquisition candidates.For the majority of his career, he ran one of the largest family-owned distributors in the industry that was acquired by Beauty Systems Group in 2010. The distributor set new standards in the beauty business by deploying technology that increased service levels and sped up execution strategies, thus redefining the rules for servicing the beauty professional.iBeAuthentic was born from the desire to continue those professional beauty partnerships and accelerate the acceptance, deployment, and execution of technology to expand their reach and enhance their ability to provide service levels typically expected in the beauty consumer world, but not often found in the beauty “business to business” environment.

“We want to be disruptive, but respectful to the ethos of the beauty professionals that have created an industry of constant change and opportunity.”

Tammi Salewsky

Concierge Manager

Bringing more than 25 years of experience as a customer service and logistics manager for a chemical manufacturing company, Salewsky takes pride in meeting the needs of her customers (and their customers). While new to the professional beauty industry, she serves customers both internally and externally with expert guidance. Her hands-on approach as a manager is beneficial to team cohesiveness and allows her to understand the position, work through challenges, and celebrate successes with team members. As a jack-of-all-trades, Salewsky welcomes all types of activities and creativity.

“Our main focus is to ensure our customers feel at ease, knowing they are well represented and their customers feel valued.”

Dave Schutt


As a small business, iBeAuthentic can be more responsive in meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing industry, Schutt says. Whether it’s building a distributor or brand’s website from the ground floor or bolstering the existing site to exceed expectations, he said he enjoys the opportunity to solve problems every day, whether big or small. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry alone, he and the rest of our IT team start farther along the curve when engineering and developing solutions for clients.

“We succeed when you succeed.”

David Anttila

Business Developer

Partnering together to offer digital services within the industry was something Anttila and Chuck Salewsky had talked about for many years. Based on some events beyond their control and some within, the timing was finally right to start iBeAuthentic. With more than 23 years of beauty industry experience, Anttila said that “we had so many ideas of how to apply technology within our industry that it just made sense to share with anyone who was willing to listen.”The combination of cumulative industry experience and the collective talents of a diverse, high-energy team creates a unique and impactful organization. Anttila enjoys finding ways for the team to help and collaborate with customers, making a meaningful difference in customers’ businesses through technology, strategy, and more.

“We make our customers feel inspired about the possibilities of their business.”

Seth Hanson

Full-Stack Developer

From planning to implementation, being able to find an IT solution for all customers is a rewarding experience, Hanson said. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow smarter and stronger. Drawn to the possibility of creating something great, Hanson said he knew that iBeAuthentic could fill a niche that nobody else had been able to in the beauty business. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, he knows that the services this company offers are unparalleled—each team gives every customer their full attention.

“Our team is always making sure to be right there for the client every step of the way.”