iBeAuthentic offers tailored solutions that will help get your brand off of the ground and into your audience’s hands. Read more about each of our services below and contact us today to get started.


Our industry has always been one that thrives on change. We continually look for new and innovative ways of connecting with and servicing our customers. Restructuring, reallocating, and repurposing are buzz words consistently flooding conversations as organizations strategize how to grow their businesses in the current and future markets and stay ahead of the changing industry. That is where our inside sales team, branded as "iBeLink" comes in. We are the connection between you and your customers, serving as an extension of your team, to connect verbally with all categories of customer accounts – field, store, or ecommerce in a manner that you need when you need it, as business dictates. With over 30 years of combined industry knowledge, our team members are confident in their abilities to step in as fully independant sales consultants or as sales support roles, both with the ultimate goal of boosting your efforts in achieving maximum success.


Think of our Education Booking Coordinators as an extension of your brand or distributor’s education department. Our booking coordinators work with your designated team and educators to ensure efficiency and success in the booking process. By utilizing our propiertary Education Management System (EMS), we can ensure a seamless relationship between your team and ours. With educators, we take on a customer service role, matching them to class requests and making sure they have everything they need to facilitate the event. From scheduling to post-event evaluations, we oversee the entire process and gather valuable feedback. With your team, we can provide additional support and maintenance so they can make quick business decisions. Consider our user-friendly system, created specifically for the beauty industry’s education needs, to serve your customers better. Our platform was built with the beauty industry in mind, knowing that education is crucial for stylists to keep growing. As you scale your education department, our platform manages education requests and class formats, provides maps to optimally match educators to events, track expenses and event evaluations, and handles the majority of email communication to give you peace of mind that you’re staying ahead of the curve. 



When representing your company and brand, our role as your Concierge Team is to make a lasting impression and provide an overall great experience for each customer. We use our proprietary CRM platform for leads management, customer profiling, call scheduling, activity/note tracking, and reporting. Our Concierge Team is well educated and up-to-date with the Brands we represent. As the foremost personal resource for your customer, we are competent and confident when responding to questions and requests. Customers greatly appreciate having this professional service at their fingertips. We understand the importance of providing current information on new product launches, product knowledge, and marketing initiatives.



During the marketing process, we help you navigate, but the journey is all yours. We collaborate with your team to increase your digital footprint, all the while complementing your efforts—not replacing them. 

Our goals are to represent the spirit of your business, whether you’re a brand or distributor, and to integrate your organization’s operational workflows into our digital commerce platform as seamlessly as possible. We work with you to customize solutions that address your specific challenges, from increasing sales through marketing initiatives to website enhancements. After your website is launched, we continue to manage content and promotional advertisements, ensuring your day-to-day business runs as smoothly as possible.

Marketing offerings include set-up and maintenance of the digital commerce website, social media management, video production, and print services.

As you scale your education department, our platform manages education requests and class formats, provides maps to optimally match educators to events, tracks expenses and event evaluations, and handles the majority of email communication to give you peace of mind that you’re staying ahead of the curve.


The Style Garage

As a distributor dedicated to servicing professionals in the beauty industry, our goal is to put quality, non-diverted professional products into the hands of stylists and salons and have fun while doing it! With our modern store located in the historical downtown of Menominee, MI and with the help of our salon consultant team, we develop unique plans to fit each stylist’s individuality. We’re not afraid to use our resources in ways that are non-traditional or outside the box to help professionals reach their potential. The staff at The Style Garage takes pride in their vision and looks forward to sharing that with our clients.

Style Garage
Hair Dryer

Client A uses our Education Management System (EMS) to its fullest, giving them less touch points in education coordination. Their customized EMS allows their team to track requests and payments, ultimately increasing educator accountability. Our system also integrates with digital commerce sales data ensuring that they have a global view of all data within their education department.


When Client B was new to our Inside Sales support team, in the first few months we’ve increased sales by 25%. In the first quarter of 2018, our team had already opened new accounts as well as reactivating many others. Client Y partnered with iBeauthentic to increase their coverage in outlaying parts of their territories—those territories are otherwise without representation, leaving dollars on the table.


Currently, we provide a team to support the entire global territory for Client C. We offer onboarding and customer support, and help coordinate activities between educators, sales teams, and executives. We offer the support their team needs to allow them to focus on growth and other new initiatives.


Collaborative efforts with Client D have led to an increase in brand awareness, a competitive advantage through loyalty programs, and an overall increase in sales. We work with Client D to create a bi-annual marketing strategy and implement it across all channels. We promote sales and events through, not only the website, but also e-mail marketing, social media, and print pieces. Collaboration, planning, and consistency have produced a rise in sales for .